Coin and Dice Experiments

I couldn’t find a particular post to tag this onto, so instead I’ll point you to Amazon, where you can buy a bag of dice for twenty bucks.

Chessex Dice: Pound of Dice (Pound-O-Dice) Approximately 100 Die

Between this bag of dice and a bag of pennies that I kept in the classroom, there were a lot of great opportunities for quick probability experiments during class. Here are some things that we did:

  • Flip 3 coins, keep track of heads, tails and mixed
  • Roll 2 dice, keep track of sums
  • Roll 3 dice, keep track of number of double 5’s that are rolled
  • Flip 1 coin and roll 2 dice, and keep track of the number of HEADS + Evens

Even with a small class there’s a lot of mind-boggling convergence here. Merge all the data in a spreadsheet, if you can, and just put it right up there on the smart board.


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