This unit culminates in students proving the exponent properties for zero, negative and rational exponents. It prepares students for studying exponential functions.

  1. Chris Lusto uses a counter-intuitive folding problem to introduce geometric sequences.
  2. Paul Solomon has a good problem that helps students discover and prove the properties of exponents.
  3. CME Project has a very clever way to to think about fractional exponents as partial multiplication.
  4. Park Math and David Cox have somewhat complementary approaches to getting kids to grapple with fractional exponents, and their connection to radicals.
  5. CME has a brilliant way of thinking about rational exponents.

Here’s everything posted under ”Exponents,” including stuff that didn’t make the cut.

Still looking for:

  • Some more good problems that allow us to prove that certain exponential expressions are equal to radical ones.

Connects to:

  • Simplifying radicals
  • Arithmetic with rationals

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